Techniques that are non-invasive are safe, effective and a popular option for patients who wish to look younger. These advanced methods include: Botox and Dysport to reduce frown lines and creases between the eyebrows and other areas of the face; Juvederm injections to add volume and fill the skin to smooth folds and wrinkles; the Restylane family of injections to achieve a more full, plump appearance in cheeks, smile lines, and lips; Kybella injections improve the appearance of a "double chin"; a wide range of chemical and PCA Skin peels to restore facial skin that is wrinkled, blemished, or shows the effects of sun damage; and dermabrasion to treat deep wrinkles and scars as well as raised scar tissue. Cosmetic products like Latisse, the only FDA-approved eyelash enhancer, and PCA Skin care systems can help you achieve your desired look as well.

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